Mar 2014 08

Denarius painting

Denarius – 40cm x 30cm Acyrlic.
Calling this done, started work on this early Jan, one of the most technically challenging pieces, hair, skin, water and silk dress. lots of semi opaque things. top it all off its a small canvas, which meant lots of tiny strokes. definitely going for a bigger canvas next time.

Dec 2013 11

After a full year of doing CG It was time to take a break during the holiday season and re-invigorate my eyes. I’ve never painted before, so I decided to give it a try! It is nice to work in a different medium for sure and acrylics seems like a nice medium to try out. Here are some of my paintings from the last 2 weeks, my first painting was the Cherry study. 🙂

Thanks for everyone’s support in 2013, wishing you all a very happy and safe holiday season!

Jul 2013 29

St Sebastian by Bernini
Graphite study – John Chen 2013

Jun 2013 15

Here are two recent pencil and charcoal studies.

male torso study - Pencil and Charcoaal

demale figure study - Pencil and Charcoaal

Mar 2013 31



Old Wench Woman - Rodin

Exploring new technique of subtractive sculpting in zbrush, I’m finding this method really gives the sculpt weight, rather then the traditional method of adding and pulling digital clay, which sometimes make the sculpt feel weightless.

Feb 2013 07

Figure study 6
A quick static male torso study. Zbrush / maya / arnold

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