Nov 2011 01

Here is the completed bust of my latest attempt at sculpting with clay.

Oct 2010 28

Thanks to the folks over at Area.autodesk.com for choosing my Fugu fish render for the monthly newsletter gallery and the awesome t-shirt 🙂

Check out the Fugu still render and short video , even though this is not some huge award its the little things that keep me motivated and working through ungodly hours!

PS: Just noticed the crazy looking screenshot youtube decided to use, sigh sorry about that! I wasn’t high, promise…

Apr 2010 06

Well Its finally here! I present to you my first feature production titled ‘ Orange ‘ .

The piece combines 3 scenes each with their distinctive style and an original score written and produced for the project. The theme of this piece is the color ‘ Orange ‘ – There were no restrictions on techniques to be used, so I chose to produce the whole piece in 3D – using Autodesk’s Maya. Without any subject limitations I decided to base my video on orange roses.

Act 1 – A warmly lit scene with vibrant earthy colors – A garden bed of roses move in unison until they are disrupted by a force which causes them to rise and fall like ocean waves. The roses explode to reveal the word Orange than ends with a close track into the word.

Act 2 – A cold. dimly light scene set ontop or within the deep snowy peaks of a mountain. A smaller bed of roses are thriving somehow sitting ontop of a natural spring, the roses are battered with wind and turbulence, which causes them to loose their petals beautifully, however these roses are special – their petals regenerate immediately. The birds eye camera rotates 180 around the scene and ends with a close shot of the roses.

Act 3 – As the music climaxes, this scene is all about movement and impact, where glowing streaks of orange light stream across the screen and finally the scene ends with explosions of orange rose petals.

Much toil and sweat over the last few weeks have gone into this short 2 minute video art project, I am happy to say the result was worth it. I have learned a whole lot of new techniques, which I will share with you in the next post.

In the meantime, I hope you find the video enjoyable.

Full score for Orange can be listened in full below.
Epic 16 – Cinematic Score for a Short Film by drumnbass

Feb 2010 27

First vidcast from me, explaining the storyboard design for the pre-viz animation.
Check out the 3D render story boards after watching the video