Collection of VFX, 3D & Art Resources


http://www.creativecrash.com/maya/plugin/prattractnode – The deformer does attract mesh vertices to either: polygons, curves or nurbs-surfaces.

http://www.braverabbit.de/playground/?p=887 – iSkinDeform is a deformer for Maya which allows to add skin sliding as well as skin attraction effects to a mesh.


http://www.creativecrash.com/maya/script/movepivottofirstcv – MovePivotToFirstCV  allow you set Multi- Curve and Align each pivot to First CV

http://www.puppet.su/download/shaders_p_e.shtml – Custom Mental Ray Shader for PFX Hair. Amazing shading network to better control rendering of PFX Hair. A Godsend.

Rendering MayaHair Puppetshaders – A PDF Guide on how to setup PK_hair shader for maya nhair.  sourced from cgfeedback.com


www.swinburne.edu.au – Over 100 free online Maya video tutorials

Lesterbanks CG Blog http://lesterbanks.com/ – Fresh tutorials, making ofs and product demos everyday.

http://www.3dexport.com/blog/2010/04/50-rendering-tutorials/ – 50 Rendering Tutorials

http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/ – My favorite place for quality paid tutorials – If you have the cash Gnome has tutorials that cover everything from concept through to final rendering and composition.

http://www.graffititechnica.com/ – 3D graffiti art by a friend of mine, check this shit out for some awesome 3D grafs & videos.

http://area.autodesk.com/ – Huge collection of Free tutorials covering all of Autodesk’s products such as Maya, 3dS Max, Mudbox. Decent amount of free texture / script downloads as well.


http://animationpodcast.com/ – Not regularly updated, but still has some really good streaming podcasts with interviews and studio techniques.

Visual FX

http://www.awn.com/magazines/vfx-world-magazine – VFXWorld Magazine – check them out for great production logs & interviews from the latest blockbuster movies.

http://www.fxguide.com/ – Pretty cool site with interviews, production journals and breakdowns and a regular vfx podcast as well.

Concept Art

http://www.conceptart.org/forums/ – A lively forum populated by some of the most insanely talented concept artists around the world. You simply have to check out their member galleries if you are into digital art.

http://www.gfxartist.com/ – Unfortunately a little bit stale nowadays, this used to be the place to find the latest 3D / concept / design inspirations. The galleries are still very very good, but not so much updates anymore.