Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog, if you are here you probably know who I am already. But just in case let me re-introduce myself.

My name is John Chen, I am a geek, a nerd, an introvert that loves to communicate to others through visual art and music.
I am a Visual Effects Artist and in a previous professional life – Graphic designer, Web designer and Search Engine Optimisation Specialist.

I have setup this blog for the specific purpose of documenting and showcasing my academic and creative journey in computer graphics, visual effects and art.

During mid 2011 I attained my Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media. This was a very intensive 6 month course where we were able to put the knowledge learned from the previous year to use in a real production.

My production was titled Anomaly, a sci-fi horror inspired by Aliens and Mcfarlane’s Spawn comic. The entire 6 minute short was produced within 6 months, this included shooting the live action, writing the script and a complete VFX pipeline to integration CG creatures and elements into the live-action plate.

A wide range of technology and technic was used to achieve the final result including;

  • Motion capture
  • Motion tracking
  • Camera matchmoving
  • Compositing
  • Modelling and texturing of realistic alien creature

In 2010 I received my Diploma of Screen and Media with specialization in Animation & Visual FX. Yep, its a mouth full, but the course itself does cover a lot of topics.

  • Video Production
  • Visual FX
  • 3D Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Lighting
  • Rendering and material optimisation
  • 3D Animation
  • 2D Animation


For the sake of privacy I can not upload my full resume online, but Please feel free to contact me for my resume and professional references.